BBC Complicity in Warmongering

The BBC has announced that ‘Syria’s government is continuing to make chemical weapons in violation of a 2013 deal to eliminate them’. But if you read past that opening statement, and get as far as the end of the article, you find this admission:

“The intelligence information about the suspected weapons manufacturing sites was shared with the BBC on condition the agency providing it would not be named. It does not give detail about how the alleged evidence was gathered.”

In other words, we have to trust the word of some anonymous informant who is spouting an unverifiable line that conveniently chimes with the slurry of widely discredited ‘reports’ that have been coming out since April 4th to blame Assad for the chemical incident at Khan Sheikhoun.

(All the allegations about that incident, by the way, have been quietly back-pedalled on since, but that doesn’t get reported. And meanwhile the UK foreign secretary seems to be preparing for repeats of that incident.)

With the UK government seriously talking about joining in the bombing of Syria if it gets re-elected, this kind of thing from the BBC is extremely worrying.

The BBC has already shown how little scruple it has about making allegations against the Syrian government: its notorious 2013 Panorama production Saving Syria’s Children stands accused of outright falsification, and the accusations have never been addressed, with a Freedom of Information request relating to them being denied on the grounds that journalism is protected from required disclosure.

Social media is currently awash with rumours that a media organisation in the Gulf may have already done filming of a further chemical attack to be alleged against the Syrian government.  It is dearly to be hoped that if those rumours have any truth, the spreading of them may have served as a deterrent to completing any such move.

But the continued concerted efforts of Western and Gulf media to trump up pretexts for further aggression against Syria ought to be a cause of humanitarian concern and, frankly, even self-interested alarm on the part of anyone who does not relish continuing on the current slide in the direction of a third – and pretty much final – world war.



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6 Responses to BBC Complicity in Warmongering

  1. M Kavanagh says:

    sickening. the torpor of the bomb-branded brains, passing the poisonous words down the line of zombies with ne’er a quickening. a word ‘assembly line’ towards a predetermined murderous aim.
    these are the days when ‘small sins’ of human cogs have huge impact feeding into the world machine, and that is what the monster wants. however tenuous the lie-links are, put them there in black and white, and have them passively swallowed, out of habit, like cocacola.
    But let us not be myopic, here. These little cogs fit into a huge agenda which pre-decreed an ‘outcome’ long ago, and which now, stealthily, through such details, and through the torpor of personalities, moves towards its “predestination”. And we see this style -also in language habits and Positions Taken [GM]- being perpetrated where souls swallow, perpetrate and flaccidly align their actions and their voices! with this agenda. Didn’t Bertrand Russell write The Natural use of human reason is to ratify the ‘thinkers’ prejudices, rather than think afresh? [or words to that effect]
    and that is why I like your site. You are actually thinking, one feels the light is on behind your forehead, you and your contributors are not merely gulping pre- [and yes SHODDILY assembled] formulated notions and perpetrating them. Boris just terrifies me in his willingness to do this..given the fact that he ‘has such clout’. Ugh.

  2. M Kavanagh says:

    “the linguistic colonisation of the P R E S E N T.. ” * … a previously formulated intent [backed up by violence] SO THAT a hideous future can take on flesh in the human [dis]imagination and thereby become presupposed ‘future’. When actually the future belongs to each of us in a free, creative and untrammelled sense, if we are not ‘swallowed’ and ‘swallowing’ lies.
    *Gregory Bateson

  3. Thanks Tim – and I’d just like to comment that I saw the White Helmets video of the supposed attack near Saraqib which was allegedly filmed by Al Jazeera stringers, and reported by Sputnik, Fars and Alalam. The video was shown in a report on Segodnya NTV 5th May evening news, screened here in Australia in the morning. The same morning AL Jazeera issued a statement on its news attacking Sputnik for slandering its journalists, as well as for claiming that the Khan Shaikoun attack was a ‘provocation’. They of course didn’t show the WH stunt footage, because it hadn’t been ‘released’ then, and didn’t exist.
    But surely I think, they are in a double bind here. If this footage does not get shown, then the WH cheer squad will be shown up; why would they not report this ‘attack’ with its screaming little children and burning vehicles? But if they DO report it, then we will immediately condemn it as fake, because it ‘happened’ on May 5th.
    The Segodnya report also had Maria Zakharova commenting on Khan Shaikoun and I imagine on this story; perhaps a translation might be coming….

  4. When did the BBC do anything else than serving as a mouthpiece for the neo nobility?

  5. OPCW is refusing an actual inspection on this one. The only information that has come out, has come out of Al Nusra territory, which incidentally is the only territory that the White Helmets have been found to operate in. And now, Macron has been elected in France as well, and he has already called for war in Syria.

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