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“Fact Checkers” irresponsibly dispute safe injection advice

“Fact Checkers” have denounced as “misleading” a claim recently aired by Jimmy Dore (self-styled ‘jag-off comedian in a garage’ somewhere in the US, and usually on the right side of history). Dore was presenting a warning given by John Campbell … Continue reading

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Water: a human right?

Is there a human right to water? Nestle’s CEO once notoriously suggested that the idea is an extreme one put about by NGOs.[1] Just this week, the same corporation has sparked controversy in a municipality of Ontario by outbidding the … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccine for Kids: an offer you can refuse?

Our six year old came home from school with a request for parental consent to a flu vaccination for him. I wondered if it was needed or useful, and I wondered out loud on facebook. Several friends offered their thoughts … Continue reading

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