Research Interests

Integrating environmental values and perspectives into social and political theory has been a longstanding interest: from my first ever article on Ecosocialism, through the books Ecological Thought, Political Theory and Ecological Values and the project on Constitutional Environmental Rights, to, most recently, a project (in progress) on Global Justice: An Ecological Perspective.  Recently revisiting the environmental rights theme I edited a four volume collection on Human Rights and the Environment for Routledge. Some of my work could be considered as belonging to environmental ethics (see, for instance, the review essay in the journal Nature: Climate Change on ‘Climate Change and Ethics’).

I have also always been fascinated – as well as vexed – by rights theory.  A book on this is taking shape in the background, and an early glimpse of some of the thinking is the paper ‘On Prepositional Duties’ published in the journal Ethics.

My latest book, Global Justice and Finance, looks critically at the assumptions political theorists make about money when deciding how it should justly be used or distributed. (An informal overview of the book is here.)

Since 2018 I have been a member of the international academic working group Syria, Propaganda and Media. As a further development of this work I am currently researching elements of a methodology for applied epistemology, particularly in relation to knowledge of contemporary events in areas of geopolitical contestation. Some initial thoughts on this project have been published in the article ‘Three Duties of Epistemic Diligence‘. Update September 2022: as there are now a number of published papers pursuing this theme, I have created a separate page with links to them.

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