WGSPM neutral press coverage

Nearly all mainstream press coverage of the Working Group from 2018 on was hostile, produced by a relatively narrow set of journalists repeating standard smears. Over time, as issues relating to the group became more widely discussed, the coverage became more varied. So even though sparked by public attacks on the group, some of this reporting was quite even-handed.

Mike Ryan (16 October 2021) Covid-19 was used and abused by Governments to pursue another agenda with Dr Piers Robinson, Asia Pacific Today

Alison Broinowski (11 February 2022) Joe Biden keeps the War on Terror alive, Independent Australia

Chris Burn (15 March 2022) Leeds University professor hits back after being labelled ‘useful idiot’ for Putin in Parliament, Yorkshire Post

Catherine Lough (15 March 2022) Academics raise concerns over ‘pro-Putinist’ smears, The Independent

PA News Agency (15 March 2022) Academics raise concerns over ‘pro-Putinist’ smears, The National (and other syndicated outlets)

Andrew Learmonth (16 March 2022) Scottish Government urged to act on ‘pro-Putin propaganda’ in universities, The Herald

Mark McLaughlin (16 March 2022) ‘Edinburgh academic denies being ‘useful idiot’ for Putin, The Times of Scotland.

Ed Holtom (16 March 2022) University of Edinburgh lecturer accused of spreading pro-Putin propaganda by Tory MP, The Tab

John Paul Clark (19 March 2022) Edinburgh University professor says he is not pro-Putin and wants to avoid World War III, Edinburgh Live