Integrity: Grasping The Initiative

This post provides links to discussions of the Institute for Statecraft’s “Integrity Initiative”. Most recent update is 5 November 2019 – the first anniversary of the original post – when verdict of Scottish Charity Regulator on the operation was announced.

Scroll down for this update and the original list which was maintained until April 2019, at which point the links numbered 185. 

[Scroll down for links to discussions]

This is my first personal blogpost since April. At that time I referred to a ‘coordinated smear campaign’ against anti-war journalists, tweeters and academics, whose number included myself and other members of the SPM Working Group. The portrayal of us as “useful idiots” for some or other official enemy, I suggested, was evidently a strategic communication.

We now know a lot more about the coordination of that communications strategy, thanks to the recently accessed documents exposing the Institute for Statecraft’s so-called Integrity Initiative (here, here and here).

Numerous points of interest and concern emerge, one of which regards the high profile attack launched at our Working Group on the front page of The Times. Two of its authors, we learn, are named in the newly available documents. They – Deborah Haynes and Dominic Kennedy – have not so far responded to invitations to clarify their association with the “Initiative”.

What we do know from the documents is that a coordinated network was very closely following all public comments on such critical events as the Skripals poisoning in Salisbury, on which SPM produced its first Briefing Note, and the chemical attack in Douma this year, which was the focus of SPM’s second Briefing Note.

The working group’s third Briefing Note will be released soon [update, 21 Dec 2018, it is now published here]. Meanwhile, for anyone wishing to catch up with others’ comments on the “Integrity Initiative”, links to discussions of the issue will be maintained here below.

[Update 22 Dec 2018: currently the full set of II documents is available at]

[Update 4 January 2019, 4th set of II documents released and available, separately and in a single folder, at Also worth noting now is that while there are more than 60 articles on the matter linked below, still practically nothing has been heard from mainstream Western media outlets.]

[Update 23 January 2019: Since starting this post, our tracing of connections between “Integrity Initiative” and many other organisations, individuals, and anonymous operators has proceeded apace (see now 125 links below). At the same time, those of us asking the critical questions have been tracked – especially on Twitter – in seeming attempts to impute nefarious intents or interests in these citizens’ inquiries. This very post of mine appears to be depicted as at the hub of something (in graphs like those reproduced just below). So let me freely declare my interest: it lies in resistance to having the p-please-bob taken by the venal, malicious or stupid; if this resonates with plenty other people, it should really be no surprise. Given, on the other side, such disturbing insouciance about prospects of the war, both hot and cold, our work of awareness raising must continue.]

[Update 25 January 2019: Anonymous release 5th set of Integrity Initiative documents.]

[Update 5 November 2019:

OSCR (Scottish Charity Regulator) (4 November 2019) Inquiry Report: The Institute for Statecraft – covered by RT, Moon of Alabama, Claire Warrender in The Courier, Mark McLaughlin in The Times,



Discussions of Institute for Statecraft’s “Integrity Initiative” [185 links as of 8 April 2019]

Integrity Initiative, entry in Everipedia

Mark McLaughlin (8 April 2019) Corbyn ally calls for inquiry into Fife intelligence firm Integrity Initiative, The Times

Editorial Opinion (7 April 2019) Integrity Initiative outliers are the real ‘useful idiots’ in political Twitter storm, Sunday Mail (hosted on Daily Record website)

John Ferguson (7 April 2019) Calls for probe into Scots-based infowars after they apologise to Jeremy Corbyn, Sunday Mail (hosted on Daily Record website)

Mark McLaughlin (7 April 2019) Hacker‑hit research group the Integrity Initiative is sorry for Jeremy Corbyn tweets, The Sunday Times

Craig Murray (1 April 2019) Muellergate and the Discreet Lies of the Bourgeoisie

Nina Cross (30 March 2019) Disinfo Maginot Line: Protecting EU from ‘Russian Influence’ – by Manufacturing History, 21st Century Wire

RT France (30 March 2019) «Integrity Initiative» : le bras armé du Royaume-Uni contre la supposée désinformation russe, (video in French)

Russia Today (27 March 2019) Integrity Initiative leaks: £10m in UK govt funding for ‘network of NGOs’ to combat Russia (and video)

Anonymous, (25 March 2019) Documents from Integrity Initiative, Part 7

Tim Hayward, Paul McKeigue, David Miller and Piers Robinson (19 March 2019) Response to Sir Alan Duncan (SPM site) [copy open to comments on this blog]

Kit Klarenberg  (18 March 2019) Integrity Initiative’s Favourite Propagandist Haynes Whitewashes Scandal, Sputnik International

Craig Murray (7 March 2019) Pure: Ten Points I Just Can’t Believe About the Official Skripal Narrative

Kit Knightly (7 March 2019) The MSM just realised the “Integrity Initiative” is a thing, OffGuardian

Deborah Haynes (6 March 2019) ‘Highly likely’ GRU hacked UK institute countering Russian fake news, Sky News

Kit Klarenberg (4 March 2019) Integrity Initiative: The Sinister Chain of Events Leading Up to Salisbury, Sputnik International

Jan Wiklund (1 March 2019) Sweden discusses the Integrity Initiative and other McCarthyist campaigns, Activists for Peace

RT (12 February 2019) Integrity Initiative: New leaks show UK-funded project sought £5.5m for Balkans influence campaign, RT

Michael Welch, Whitney Webb and Patrick Henningsen (11 February 2019) Who Guards the Guardians? “Newsguard”, the “Integrity Initiative” and Other Threats to Independent Media, Global Research News Hour

Anonymous (8 February 2019) Documents of Integrity Initiative, Part 6

Mike Robinson (7 February 2019) Beyond Integrity Initiative: The Scale of UKGOV Counter Disinformation, UK Column

Kit Klarenberg (7 February 2019) How Integrity Initiative’s ‘Counterfeit Expert’ Perpetuated Novichok Narrative, Sputnik International

Bjørn Halvorsen (5 February 2019) Integrity Initiative: UK interference in Norway, World Socialist Web Site

RT (5 February 2019) Huge Psy-op in UK? Not interested. British media silent on Integrity Initiative months on, RT

Thomas Scripps (4 February 2019) Britain’s secret propaganda “Integrity Initiative” targets Russia, World Socialist Web Site

Kit Knightly (4 February 2019) “New Knowledge” and the same old same old, offGuardian

Piers Robinson (4 February 2019) The Integrity Initiative, NBC News & Establishment Meddling, Sputnik [podcast]

Nicholas Wilson (3 February 2019) Integrity Initiative – The HSBC Connection, Youtube

Daniel W B Lomas (2 February 2019) Integrity Initiative: where now for the UK’s anti-fake news drive?

Max Shanly and Matt Zarb-Cousin (31 January 2019) No Integrity, No Initiative, Novara Media [podcast]

Integrity Initiative (31 January 2019) German Group Shines New Light On Russian Disinformation

Integrity Initiative Germany (31 January 2019) Three members of German cluster explain their view

Kit Klarenberg (30 January 2019) MisinfoConX: Western Deep State Convenes Anti-Russian ‘Astroturfing’ Event?, Sputnik International

Elizabeth Vos (29 January 2019) ‘Media Bias Fact Check’ Smears WikiLeaks, Supports Western Propaganda Machine, Disobedient Media

Danielle Ryan (29 January 2019) The Integrity Initiative scandal is getting worse — and British media keeps ignoring it, RT

Boyan Tsonev (29 January 2019) La otra cara de la moneda, Publicaciones Global [in Spanish]

Jonathan van Tongeren (29 January 2019) Het Integrity Initiative en de propagandaoorlog tegen Rusland, Novini [in Dutch]

Opinion (29 January 2019) Integrity Initiative’s Site is Down, But It’s Not the End of Disinformation, Sputnik International

Swiss Propaganda Research (28 January 2019) Die Integrität der Wikipedia, Pressenza [in German]

Tom Coburg (28 January 2019) A government-funded destabilisation network is forced to disable its own website, The Canary

John Ferguson (27 January 2019) Secret infowars unit that attacked Jeremy Corbyn and Labour shuts down website, Sunday Mail [@DailyRecord website]

RT (26 January 2019) New Integrity Initiative leak: Make Muslims love NATO, target anti-frackers, plan for nuclear war, RT

Nicholas Wilson (26 January 2019) MSM Hush Up Integrity Initiative Scandal to Protect HSBC Bank, Sputnik International

Gordon Dimmack (26 January 2019) Integrity Initiative: We Run Risk of Living in Dystopian Future, Sputnik International

Paul Robinson (25 January 2019) Bad Statecraft, Irrussianality.

Dirk Pohlmann (25 January 2019) Marieluise Beck und staatliche Desinformation der “Integrity Initiative”,

Joaquin Flores (25 January 2019) Anonymous Hackers Reveal: Ukraine Is Preparing For A 100 Year War With Russia, Fort Russ News

Integrity Initiative (25 January 2019) Kremlin campaign against Institute for Statecraft, Medium

Russia Today (25 January 2019) Was weiß die Bundesregierung über britische Einflussoperation “Integrity Initiative” in Deutschland?, RT Deutsch [in German, text and video]

Anonymous (25 January 2019) Documents from Integrity Initiative, Part 5

RT (25 January 2019) Integrity Initiative löscht Webseite bis zur Untersuchung des “Daten-Diebstahls”, RT Deutsch [in German]

Florian Rötzer (24 January 2019) Integrity Initiative taucht ab, Telepolis [in German]

Kevin Collier (23 January 2019) It Looks Like Russian Hackers Are Still At It In 2019, Buzzfeed [This is more about the alleged Russian hacking of its documents than Integrity Initiative itself.]

Jürgen Cain Külbel (23 January 2019) Aufgedeckt: Verbindung zwischen BILD und der britischen Geheimoperation “Integrity Initiative”, RT Deutsch [in German]

Matthew J.L. Ehret (23 January 2019) The Integrity Initiative And The British Roots Of The Deep State, Veterans Today

Patrick Armstrong (23 January 2019) Integrity Initiative: Big Brother’s Minions – or Flim-Flam Artists? Strategic Culture

Russia Today (23 January 2019) UK-funded psyop outfit Integrity Initiative locks Twitter account after wiping content from website, RT

Karl-Jürgen Müller (23 January 2019) Wie Krieg in Europa vorbereitet wird: Integrity Initiative, Aachener Vertrag u. a. m., Sputnik Deutschland [in German]

Kit Klarenberg (22 January 2019) Running Scared? Integrity Initiative ‘Temporarily’ Shuts Down Website, Sputnik International

RT (22 January 2019) Integrity Initiative wipes website pending probe into ‘theft’ of disturbing leaked data, RT

James Bruce (19 January 2019) The Gaslighting Initiative

Tara MacCormack (19 January 2019) Interview: West’s Demonization of Russia Spawns Global Internet Censorship, Sputnik International [text and podcast]

Moon of Alabama (19 January 2019) Coincidence? – Chief Nurse Of British Army Was First To Arrive At Novichoked Skripal Scene

Gordon Dimmack (19 January 2019) PropOrNot using Integrity Initiative data to smear independent journalists

Lucy Morgan-Edwards (18 January 2019) Anti Russia & anti-Corbyn lies – funded by Foreign Office and MI6

Kit Klarenberg (18 January 2019) Close Associate: The Integrity Initiative’s Intimate Connections to ‘RussiaGate’, Sputnik News

Armin Siebert (17 January 2019) Facebook sponsert antirussische „Integrity Initiative” mit 100.000 Pfund, Sputnik Deutschland [in German]

Kseniya Kirillova (17 January 2019) Russian attack on the Integrity Initiative: what makes the Mafia different from the police, EuroMaidan Press [a defence of II]

James O’Neill (16 January 2019) Disbelief, Magic Realism and Doublethink Alive and Well in 2018, offGuardian

RT Deutsch (16 January 2019) Integrity Initiative in Norwegen: Öffentlichkeit zu “weich” gegenüber Russland, [in German]

Exopolitik (16 January 2019) IntegrityInitiative ➤ Psychologische Kriegsführung ist im vollen Gange!

Elizabeth Vos (15 January 2019) Integrity Initiative And Affiliates Behind Multiple Attacks On Disobedient Media, Disobedient Media.

Barbara Boyd (15 January 2019) Exposed: The British Are Running A Coup Operation Against The President Of The United States…Again, American Intelligence Media

Armin Siebert (14 January 2019) Politologe zu “Integrity Initiative”: “Skandal mit politischer Dimension”, Sputnik [in German]

Binoy Kampmark (14 January 2019) Dances of Disinformation: The Partisan Politics of the “Integrity Initiative”, Global Research

Russia Today (14 January 2019) Bellingcat activist fails to ban blogger who exposed his ties to UK propaganda outfit on Twitter, RT

Russia Today (14 January 2019) Integrity Initiative faces setback in Norway: Public ‘skepticism’ of US hinders anti-Russia infowar, RT

Russia Today (14 January 2019) Bellingcat activist fails to ban blogger who exposed his ties to UK propaganda outfit on Twitter, RT

Jasmin Kosubek (13 January 2019) Integrity Initiative: Manipulation auf Regierungsebene, Der Fehlende Part

John Ferguson (13 January 2019) American ‘weapons of mass destruction’ spook’s linked to Fife-based infowars unit, Sunday Mail @Daily Record

John Helmer (13 January 2019) Operation Integrity Initiative — British Intelligence Celebrates A Century Of Russia Lies And Self-Deception

Simon Rite (13 January 2019) Integrity Initiative: By all means smear & attack, but at least be honest about it, RT

Tord Björk (12 January 2019) How Integrity Initiative and Atlantic Council is exposed in Norway,

MoVimento 5 Stelle Europa (12 January 2019) Vogliamo la verità: Giornalisti italiani pagati per creare fake news?, Il Blog Delle Stelle [in Italian]

Ben Swann (11 January 2019) UK’s “Integrity Initiative” and How It is Actually a Propaganda Machine, RT

Jens Berger (11 January 2019) Streitfall: Militärische Forschung an deutschen Unis, NachDenkSeiten [in German]

Russia Today (10 January 2019) Wissenschaftler: “Integrity Initiative” Teil britischer Geheimoperationen im In- und Ausland, RT Deutsch [in German

Russia Insight (10 January 2019) BREAKING! The Integrity Initiative, UK Govt Funded Anti-Russia PsyOp, Was Behind The Skripals Case?

Anders Romelsjö (10 January 2019) Swedish responses to Integrity Initiative and Atlantic Council, Global Politics

Jens Berger (9 January 2019) Integrity Initiative – NATO-Propaganda auch in Deutschland, NachDenkSeiten, [podcast, in German]

James Ball (9 January 2019) When free societies copy Russian media tactics, there’s only one winner, The Guardian [this rare mainstream piece is by a journalist named in Integrity Initiative documents]

Armin Siebert (9 January 2019) “Integrity Initiative“ – Kopf der deutsche Zelle meldet sich zu Wort, Sputnik [in German]

RT America (9 January 2019) BOMBSHELL: British meddling, “smearing crap” out of Americans, RT

Kit Klarenberg (9 January 2019) How Integrity Initiative’s German Cluster Aims to End Berlin’s Ties with Moscow, Sputnik International

Chris Williamson MP (9 January 2019) On New Integrity Initiative Revelations, RT

Moon of Alabama (9 January 2019) Stuff To Read: Integrity Initiative, Skripal, Kaspersky …

Russia Today (9 January 2019) ‘America must rebuild understanding of Russia’: How Integrity Initiative drafted US for new Cold War, RT

Max Blumenthal and Mark Ames (8 January 2019) New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In American Politics, Grayzone

Russia Today (8 January 2019) ‘They made a mess & are fighting fires’: UK academic says Integrity Initiative fatally hurt by leaks, RT

David Miller (8 January 2019) Interviewed on Skripal Case: Released Docs Pointing at Direction We Need to Investigate, Sputnik International

Robert Stevens (7 January 2019) UK Integrity Initiative heavily involved in Skripal affair, World Socialist Web Site

NachDenkSeiten (7 January 2019) Der Zweck und die Absicht von Integrity Initiative ist eine Propagandaoperation, NachDenkSeiten [in German]

Kit Klarenberg (7 January 2019) Damaging Ties: Why Germany is the Integrity Initiative’s ‘Most Important Target’, Sputnik International

Kit Klarenberg (7 January 2019) The Integrity Initiative: The Spread of Propaganda & A Look Back at the #Skripal Saga, Stranahan, Sputnik Radio

Armin Siebert (7 January 2019) “Integrity Initiative“: Antirussische Beeinflussungskampagne in ganz Europa geplant, Sputnik [in German[

Russia Today (7 January 2019) Use Hollywood films to counter China & Russia: Integrity Initiative psyop plan exposed in new leaks, RT

Jan Wiklund (6 January 2019) Integrity Initiative links from 36 countries and some Atlantic Council links

21Wire (5 January 2019) How the Integrity Initiative Spun the West’s Improbable Skripal Narrative, 21st Century Wire

Moon of Alabama (4 January 2019) ‘Integrity Initiative’ – New Documents From Shady NGO Released [This is a brief piece on the new release, but it has encouraged readers’ comments, a number of which make for interesting reading]

Kit Klarenberg (4 January 2019) Shock Files: What Role Did Integrity Initiative Play in Sergei Skripal Affair?, Sputnik International

Russia Today (4 January 2019) ‘Operation Iris’ & more: New documents tie Integrity Initiative to spin of Skripal affair, RT 

Anonymous (4 January 2019) Documents of the “Integrity Initiative” Part 4 

Kit Klarenberg (3 January 2019) Integrity Initiative: How Media Promote Military Intelligence Propagandist Nimmo, Sputnik International

Jimmy Dore (2 January 2019) British Spy Found Inside Bernie Sanders Campaign, The Jimmy Dore Show

Chris Williamson MP (2 January 2019) The chilling manipulations of the Institute for Statecraft are straight out of the cold war playbook, Morning Star Online

Piers Robinson (2 January 2019) Speaking about Integrity Initiative, Fault Lines

Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris (31 December 2018) UK gov. funded ‘think tanks’ to smear Jeremy Corbyn and spread anti-Russian propaganda, The Duran [Video]

Mohamed Elmaazi (30 December 2018) Temple of Covert Propaganda (Part 1), Around the Empire

Alexandra Bader (30 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: Mit allen Mitteln gegen Russland, CeiberWeiber [in German]

Beastrabban blog (30 December 2018) Private Eye on the Integrity Initiative and Its Links to American Intelligence

Aaron Maté (28 December 2018) New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics, The Nation

Mark Curtis (28 December 2018) Twitter and the smearing of Corbyn and Assange: A research note on the “Integrity Initiative”, Mark Curtis: British foreign policy declassified

Free West Media Staff (28 December 2018) UK info war against Russia targets young children, Free West Media

Derek Royden (28 December 2018) The new Agitprop? The Integrity Initiative exposed, Nation of Change

Mark Hodgetts (27 December 2018) Disturbing Questions About the Independence of Mainstream Media

David Miller, with Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton (26 December 2018) Inside the Integrity Initiative, the UK gov’s information war on the public, Moderate Rebels

Constanze Kurz (25 December 2018) Der hausgemachte Desinformationsskandal, Frankfurter Allgemeine [in German]

Russia Today (24 December 2018) Why is paid Integrity Initiative hitman Ben Nimmo still used as ‘independent’ expert by MSM? RT Question More

Johanna Ross and Kit Klarenberg (24 December 2018) UK academics unveil report on Integrity Initiative as Sunday Times attacks Sputnik journalists, Radio Sputnik

Chris Donnelly (Director of Institute for Statecraft and its “Integrity Initiative”) On Disinformation, Youtube video

The Bulgarian Times (23 December 2018) The British Integrity Initiative as an attempt to enforce global censorship, The Bulgarian Times [in Bulgarian]

John Pilger (22 December 2018) A Look Back at 2018, Look Forward to 2019, Going Underground, RT

Paul McKeigue, David Miller, Jake Mason, Piers Robinson (21 December 2018) Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative, Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media [readers’ comments on the Briefing Note are posted here]

Jens Berger (20 December 2018) Die Infokrieger im Dienste ihrer Majestät, NachDenkSeiten [in German]

Alan MacLeod (19 December 2018) The Integrity Initiative in Context, Conversation with Slava Zilber

Russia Today (19 December 2018) ‘Striking images to help public relate’: UK Integrity Initiative’s post-Skripal psyop leaked, RT

Mark Galleotti (19 December 2018) The Integrity Initiative and Me (and Jeremy Corbyn), In Moscow’s Shadows

David Jamieson (19 December 2018) State-backed Integrity Initiative confirms meeting with Herald journalist for Scotland briefing, CommonSpace

Margaret Kimberley (19 December 2018) Freedom Rider: UK and US PSYOP Collusion, Black Agenda Report

Piers Robinson (19 December 2018) Interview: There’s desire to ramp up public perception of Russia being a threat in the international system, Radio Sputnik 

South Front (19 December 2018) British Foreign Secretary Confirms Integrity Initiative Documents, Blames Russia For Everything, South Front

RT (19 December 2018) Do it CIA style: UK-funded ‘Integrity Initiative’ planned to infiltrate European media, leaks reveal, RT News

Piers Robinson (18 December 2018) On the emerging Integrity Initiative scandal, Fault Lines

Kit Klarenberg (18 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: The Times Meets Ukrainian Kidnappers, Propaganda Follows, Sputnik

South Front (17 December 2018) Hackers Uncover More Documents Throwing Light On British Propaganda Campaign Against Russia, South Front

Johanna Ross with Kit Klarenberg (17 December 2018) Anonymous leaks 3rd batch of Integrity Initiative documents, Radio Sputnik

Mohamed Elmaazi and Max Blumenthal (17 December 2018) Inside the Temple of Covert Propaganda: The Integrity Initiative and the UK’s Scandalous Information War, Grayzone

Edward Lucas (17 December 2018) Don’t swallow Labour’s claims of ‘black ops’, The Times [making a case in favour of the II, behind a paywall]

Ian Shilling (17 December 2018) The #Russiagate Hoax and the “Integrity Initiative” to Gaslight the public with more “Russia Threat” lies, Investment Watch

David Scott (16 December 2018) Half a League Onwards: A glimpse of the policy protocols of the Integrity Initiative, UK Column

Mail Opinion (16 December 2018) Minister’s flimsy defence of infowars attack on Jeremy Corbyn as embarrassing as Tory leadership farce, Daily Record

John Ferguson (16 December 2018) Tory minister ‘misled Parliament’ over Government-funded infowars attack on Jeremy Corbyn, Daily Record

David Scott (15 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: Ministry of Defence Parliamentary answer now in doubt, UK Column

Moon of Alabama (15 December 2018) The ‘Integrity Initiative’ – A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The “Russian Threat”

Ally Tibbitt (15 December 2015) Scottish charity at centre of ‘propaganda’ row probed by regulator, The Ferret

David Miller (14 December 2018) interviewed by George Galloway, Mother of All Talk Shows, Talk Radio [item from 23 minutes; interview from 27 minutes.]

Kit Klarenberg (14 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: Spanish Cluster Misled UK Parliament Over Assange, Russia, Sputnik

Anonymous (14 December 2018) The documents of ‘Integrity Initiative’, Part 3 

Moon of Alabama (14 December 2018) Newly Released ‘Integrity Intitiative’ Papers Include Proposal For Large Disinformation Campaigns

Craig Murray (13 December 2018) British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft

Kit Klarenberg (13 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: Foreign Office Funded, Staffed by Spies, Housed by MI5? Sputnik

Emily Thornberry (12 December 2018) Letter to Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

David Miller (12 December 2018) (Interview:) Integrity Initiative Operations Are ‘Outrageous in Democratic System’, Sputnik News

George Galloway (12 December 2018) A very British coup: The spies who went out to the cold – by George Galloway, RT [Yes, Russia Today. Where is the Western media coverage?]

UK Parliament (12 December 2018) Institute for Statecraft: Integrity Initiative, Hansard

Stephen Daisley (11 December 2018) The deep state needs to step up its campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, Spectator Blog [defending II]

South Front (10 December 2018) British Anti-Russian Propaganda Network Is Now Used To Target Jeremy Corbyn And Labour Party, South Front

David Scott (10 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: Just how well connected are the “Gateside Three”? UK Column

Aaron Bastani (10 December 2018) Undermining Democracy, Not Defending It: The ‘Integrity Initiative’ is Everything That’s Wrong With British Foreign Policy, Novara Media

James Landale (10 December 2018) Russia hack ‘bid to discredit’ UK anti-disinformation campaign – Foreign Office, BBC [Note the perspective adopted in this piece. See also how the report was edited to shift the perspective (courtesy News Sniffer)]

Emily Thornberry (9 December 2018) Response to reported government funded attacks on the Labour Party, Labour Party

John Ferguson (9 December 2018) Secret Scottish-based office led infowars attack on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, The Daily Record

Conrad Landin (9 December 2018) Researcher at government-funded think tank behind fake news story that Kremlin aided Corbyn’s rise, Morning Star

Ben Gelblum (9 December 2018) Labour demand government explains £2m taxpayers’ cash funding infowars unit which smeared Corbyn and Labour, The London Economic

Alejandro López (6 December 2018) Hackers reveal British government’s interference in Spanish politics, World Socialist Web Site

David Scott (5 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: Follow the money, UK Column

Mike Robinson (2 December 2018) Integrity Initiative: A Look Into the Deep State? UK Column

John Ferguson (2 December 2018) Derelict Scottish mill is shadowy hub in UK’s fight against Putin’s propaganda machine, Daily Record

Anonymous (29 November 2018) Documents of “Integrity Initiative” Part 2, live link at SPM site

Chris Williamson MP (28 November 2018) UK Government ‘Black Propaganda’ and Scrapping Universal Credit, Going Underground, RT (video)

David Miller (26 November 2018) The Integrity Initiative is a British state-funded propaganda operation, Radio Sputnik podcast

Integrity Initiative (26 November 2018) Statement on Russian media publication of hacked II documents 

Paul Robinson (25 November 2018) Lack of Integrity, Irrussianality.

Moon of Alabama (24 November 2018) British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns

South Front (23 November 2018) Documents Confirm: UK Is Engaged In Large-Scale Secret Propaganda War Against Russia, South Front

Anonymous (5 November 2018) Documents of ‘Integrity Initiative’, Part 1

Prequel: older sources on Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft

15 August 2018 Chris Donnelly, Director Of The Institute Of Statecraft, Exclusive Interview with CEO Radio Sangam Qaisar Mahmood


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