Epistemic Diligence

Most of the posts on this website are about questions of who and what to believe regarding contested matters of significant public concern. The learning process involved in those investigations has resulted in a growing portfolio of reflective papers on the themes of epistemic diligence and methods in applied epistemology. Papers published either in academic journals or independent media are linked below, in reverse chronological order:

2022/12 ‘Questioning the Official Story about Official Stories: a role for citizen investigationsPropaganda in Focus

2022/7 ‘Counter-Disinformation Fails: feedback from a target’, Propaganda in Focus

2022/6 ‘Whose Disinformation Is It Anyway? BBC vs Critical Academics’, Propaganda in Focus

2022/5 ‘Propaganda in Academia’, Propaganda in Focus

2021 ‘Conceptualizing Disinformation’, Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective, 7 July

2021 ‘“Conspiracy Theory”: The Case for Being Critically Receptive’, Journal of Social Philosophy 53(2): 148-67 (open access).

2020 ‘Diagnosing Disinformation: a reply to Wilson and Starbird’, Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media [previously accepted as a reply by Harvard-based magazine Mis/Information, but then suppressed after Wilson and Starbird had been invited – but declined – to supply a rejoinder.]

2019 ‘Three Duties of Epistemic Diligence’, Journal of Social Philosophy 50(4): 563-561. Open access: pre-print version.

2019/7 ‘Should Universities Care About the Truth?‘, MROnline

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