“Fact Checkers” irresponsibly dispute safe injection advice

“Fact Checkers” have denounced as “misleading” a claim recently aired by Jimmy Dore (self-styled ‘jag-off comedian in a garage’ somewhere in the US, and usually on the right side of history). Dore was presenting a warning given by John Campbell (seasoned British nurse practitioner whose YouTube channel has been a source of careful comment on all things Covid for his million plus subscribers since the start of the outbreak). The warning is based on peer-reviewed research showing that ‘inadvertent intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines may induce myopericarditis’.

The concern is that because Covid injections must be intra-muscular, not intra-venous, an injection inadvertently going into a blood vessel risks causing blood clots and potentially serious heart problems. It may be relatively rare that a needle tip hits a vein, but it happens.

The good news is that this risk is easily avoided by a simple expedient: after inserting the needle but before injecting, withdraw the plunger enough to check no blood is coming up – it’s called aspirating before injecting.

That simple precaution seems like common sense, and you’d think it would be standard practice. But you’d be wrong.

The simple precaution is NOT currently recommended by the CDC, the WHO or the UK’s Green Book on vaccinations.

So why have the “Fact Checkers” been brought in? Would that recommendation be a mistake? They don’t say that. So what is their objective? Is it anything other than to defend what Campbell goes so far as to call negligence on behalf of those governing organisations?

If any reader wants to read the “Fact Check”, it is here. To me, it looks like an egregious affront to the public interest in its nitpicking about Jimmy Dore’s presentation – he’s a comedian, ffs! – instead of honestly affirming the fact that is at the centre of concern. The “Fact Checkers” appear to be concerned to gloss over the current inadequacy of CDC and WHO recommended practice rather than accept the need, which scientific findings suggest there is, for its review.

They do not even address the simple professional and ethical recommendation that John Campbell sets forth. The usually quiet, measured peruser of detailed data himself appears incandescent at the gross lack of professionalism and basic ethical standards of our public health custodians not recommending such a simple precaution.

I now consider it to be completely unethical that our governing bodies do not advise all of our vaccinators to take precautions against inadvertent intravascular, intravenous administration.

Of course, it would be fair to check whether the matter is as simple as presented. But what the “fact checkers” have sought to do is shut down the debate. Their “fact check” dwells on the need for further research which would discover more about the role played by intravenous injection compared to other factors in causing the observed adverse reactions. Nobody disputes that.

What the “fact checkers” irresponsibly ignore is the compelling case for health organisations to take a precautionary approach and recommend an appropriate standard of practice.

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6 Responses to “Fact Checkers” irresponsibly dispute safe injection advice

  1. Ronald Watson says:

    I personally watch the Jimmy Dore Show on occasion, and his YouTube videos are far less about getting a laugh ( COMEDIAN ) than what those in Political Career’s ( Professional Liars ) and / or Practitioners of the Black Art ( Medical Doctors ) would like to make him out as … I quote, ” he’s a comedian ffs “. By the way ACRONYMS do nothing for education nor the furthering of people’s understanding an issue ! Let’s remember, the CDC and the WHO, sometimes acronyms are the ONLY way people will recognize these POLITICAL entities ! I just defined Politicians and the CDC and WHO fall under the category of purveys of not necessarily the whole truth, but what is most palatable to GOVERNMENTS. NEVER trust people with the truth should be the motto of every country’s governing body. Jimmy Dore is FAR MORE TRUSTWORTHY 99 % of the time than any government would ever hope to be.

  2. burrobert says:

    This all sounds quite reasonable. There are two things that come to mind:
    Is the practice of “aspirating before injecting” associated with any risks which would make it unsafe?
    Does the risk of blood clots from an injection hitting a blood vessel occur with all intra-muscular injections, or is it specific to COVID-19 vaccines? If the same risk occurs with all intra-muscular injections, shouldn’t this have been discussed before now?

    • timhayward says:

      I’m not qualified to answer these questions, but Dr John Campbell considers it good practice and does not mention any risks (other than causing a bit more discomfort to the patient). He appears to think it a generally prudent practice, but I’ve understood from what he says that there are specific factors involved e.g. in the particular way these affect blood platelets.

  3. A better advice, in my opinion, would be not to have the jab at all.

    • Ronald Watson says:

      In response to Mr. Connaughton, … you sound much like a Religious Sect we have in Southern Manitoba, Canada. These people make up a fairly large portion of RURAL Southern Manitoba and they are PACIFICS, who refused Military Service in WWI & WWII.
      They also refused the Small Pox Vaccine, Polio Vaccine, Measles Vaccine, Whooping Cough Vaccine among others and refused to be tested for Tuberculosis. This group of Religious Zealots refuse their Doctor’s advice ( some of these Doctors are part of this religious sect by the way ), and consequently the one MAJOR hospital we have in RURAL Southern Manitoba have NO ICU BEDS available, have ceased to do MAJOR SURGERIES for Heart, Cancer, and other life threatening diseases, and as a consequence PEOPLE ARE DYING. That Sir, … is why your opinion should be discounted as being ” life threatening “.

  4. john james cole says:

    As an immunologist I’d say there simply isn’t enough data to go on here unfortunately. Single study, using animal (mouse) models, with n = 6 to 13, and high dosage.. Its a pilot study. There are a great many extremely sensible reasons why this type of work is adopted very carefully into medical practice.

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