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Idlib: Lull before the hurricane – by Peter Ford

  This article is posted on behalf of Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Syria. It appears that the Russians have pressed the pause button on their plans for an offensive alongside the Syrian government to retake Idlib. By the … Continue reading

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Statement on impending US, UK and French military intervention in Syria

The following is the text of a statement issued 30 August 2018 by The Global Network for Syria. It is posted here on the Network’s behalf. The signatories and contact details follow the statement.  We, members of the Global Network … Continue reading

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Alleged Chlorine Attacks in Syria 2014-18

Briefing note: the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April 2018, and other alleged chlorine attacks in Syria since 2014 By Paul McKeigue, Jake Mason, David Miller, Piers Robinson Members of Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media 1 … Continue reading

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Cynthia McKinney: To my new friends in the UK

Cynthia McKinney, renowned American politician, activist and academic, is currently visiting the UK.  She has today shared some reflections on politics and media in UK via a public post on Facebook. Her words speak eloquently and powerfully, so I wanted to … Continue reading

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Briefing Note: Update on the Salisbury poisonings

The following briefing note is developed by academics researching the use of chemical and biological weapons during the 2011-present war in Syria. The note reflects work in progress. However, the substantive questions raised need answering, especially given the seriousness of … Continue reading

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How The Media Reveal Inconvenient Truth About Syria

The truth is sometimes revealed through words, but more often through deeds. The Times and several other papers recently carried alarming stories about “Apologists for Assad” to be found in social media, in independent journalism, and even in universities. Passive … Continue reading

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A Staged Chemical Attack In Douma? A note on the evidence so far

This week has seen the release of interviews with doctors and children (here and here) who appeared in the video, widely circulated in the Western media, that showed a distressing scene in a clinic in Douma. In that scene, doctors … Continue reading

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