Noor and Riad, sister and nephew of Ghoufran Derawan


A message from Ghoufran (April 2017):

‘To my friends who care about Syria and Syrian people in whole world especially in USA and Europe: You can help us and stop war on Syria, You can condemn US Airstrike on Syria. I ask you as a Syrian citizen still live in Syria, to do all kinds of means to stop Donald Trump from launching a war on Syria as same as Iraq . Stop US regime from interference our country’s affairs. Organize campaigns, demonstrate, write or speak loudly in your media resources … do anything to help Syrian people .
We have suffered for 7 years, we had enough from this war. American regime pretends to fight terrorism but supports it.
Syrian terrorists took advantage of this Airstrike and continue targeting us – Syrian civilians – by shells and rockets .
We need your sympathy.
We need your support .
You can Keep Syria away from repeating the Iraqi scenario .
With all gratitude and appreciation.’