They hold our values in contempt

“As a party we have always been defined by our internationalism,” said Hilary Benn, and “we are here faced by fascists. … They hold our values in contempt, they hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt … . And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated.”  That is why “socialists and trade unionists and others joined the international brigade in the 1930s to fight against Franco.”

Indeed, those socialists and trade unionists put their boots on the ground and their lives on the line.  To invoke their memory in support of dropping bombs from a great height on Syria with no realistic prospect of meaningful ground troop involvement is calumny.

“It is now time for us to do our bit in Syria”, says the shadow foreign secretary in a sickening flourish.

Go on, then, you and your brave tory friends in blue and in red, do YOUR bit, like the real fighters against fascism did.  Then you’ll show them how wrong they are to hold you in contempt.

Meanwhile, if your plan is to bomb them into respect for your Tolerance and Decency, you might want to ease up on the crying to the press everytime someone posts you a picture of disrespectfully dead babies that haven’t quite got your message.


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